• Hello, Kaitou Shinshi.

    I'm really curious about a characters picture of 嘆息之鬼傳說殺人事件.

    Would you mind to share with me about an event images or something related with these events.

    Actually, i want to make an article at our wikia about an event cases, but i don't have any data source.

    Thank you.

    • Hi,

      I'm currently still dealing with these data, but consider most images I got are in bad quality, it may take a while for me to fix them in order to upload them to the wiki.

      However, you can still create pages about these Mystery Tour cases, as I have already updated the information of most of the characters from each case, as well as some basic information such as the number of characters and the amount of victims.

      If you want to know anything else about the Mystery Tour cases, feel free to ask me. I will try to share as much as I can. :)

    • Hi.

      Okay, i will create page about Mystery Tour cases according you data and i will waiting on you for the good quality of these images.

      Actually, i'm quite shock after know that Mystery Tour cases (especially cases that get anime adaptation) have a different characters.

    • By the way, do you have a scanlation images of Kindaichi's games and movies?

      A booklet or someting like that.

    • The characters from Mystery Tour cases, are mostly created with the design of old characters. For example, Naoko Chimoto's design is mostly copied from Kazuna Akimoto, with only a few facial features and a bit of hair style have been changed. However, there are also some characters with new designs which are not combined from old characters.

      As for the differences of characters between the original version and the anime adaptation, I definitely agree with you, it's quite shocking. In fact, not only the characters, the storyline and even the ending are quite different as well. However, they do share some similarities. For example, there's a character named Miwa in Kanazawa, Wakura Mystery Tour, and although she was removed in the anime adaptation, they created another character with the same name Miwa as a replacement of her.

    • About the images of games, are you referring to the instructions booklet came along with the games? Or the walkthrough booklet? And what kind of booklet are you referring to about the movies? The movie flyers? Posters? Brochures?

      I don't have any walkthrough booklet of the games, but I do have the instructions booklets, if this is what you meant. And about the movies, I only have one booklet about the movie Opera House, The New Murder.

    • Yes, that's right.

      I mean the instruction booklets that feature suspect list and the storyline.

      For movies, t mean the posters and booklet that feature suspect list too.

    • I'm surprise that the storyline of anime adaptation and mystery tour quite different too.

      And i see Hiromi Ikuta simmilar with Remi Morishita.

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